Yūna Matsubara
Shirayuki no Kishi Yuuna
Kanji 松原 優菜
Romaji Matsubara Yūna
Year Second Year & Third Year (Shirayuki no Kishi)
Birthday November 4 (Scorpio)
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Student
Student Council President, Ex Student Council President (Shirayuki no Kishi)
Height 170cm
Three Sizes 87-??-??cm
First Appearance Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo
Latest Appearance Shirayuki no Kishi
Voiced by
Japanese Pochi Uchino

Yūna Matsubara (松原 優菜 Matsubara Yūna? ) is a fictional character from the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series, and serves as the secondary protagonist of the first and sixth games. Her lover is Nanami Oda.


Yūna is a tall, pretty girl with light strawberry blonde hair reaching to her waist and blue eyes. She wears a red ribbon on each side of her head, but they seem to be nothing more than decoration. She has large breasts.


When she is not around Nanami, she is extremely serious about her duties as a member of "The Environmental Protection Committee". She is very attractive, intelligent, very popular amongst the girls of St. Michael's. However, when she is alone with Nanami, the previous personality shatters entirely, shown to be very childish and perverted towards her. Often, making statements on how cute she is. She also seems to very possesive of Nanami, stating that she will not let anyone have her.


Not much is known about her history, but what is known is that she is the daughter of a wealthy family, which runs a series of hospitals all across Japan.


  • "Yūna" (優菜? ) is written with the kanji for "superiority" ( ? ) and "vegetable" ( na? ). "Matsubara" (松原? ) literally means "pine field".

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