Takao Chiaki


Debut Longing of an Angel
Affiliations Aihara Ringo (family friend, lover)
Voiced by Ichinose Koko (一ノ瀬心香)

Takao Chiaki (高尾千秋) is one of the primary protagonists in A Kiss For The Petals - Longing of an Angel.


A picture perfect nurse… But she’s actually pretty spoiled.

She’s both a nurse in the gastrointestinal surgery ward at Saint Michael’s General Hospital as well as a nursing instructor.

With Ringo being accepted to nursing school, Chiaki offers to take her under her wing, and the two begin living together in her apartment.

Ordinarily she’s a flawless model of a woman, but at home, she has surprisingly little concern for herself; in some ways, she’s a bit of a wreck.[1]


  1. Translated from by Ralen.

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