Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo is a 2015 American live action film.

Plot: Mai is a lesbian who wants to make wuv to a tsundere called Reo But soon discovers Russian Spec Ops plotting to invade St Michael's Academy.

Characters: Mai: A fun loving womanizing lover in bed if ya knaw I mean dawg. Reo: A tsundere with a slight feline problem. But is too gay to recognize. Dima: A Russian cameo appearance from Battlefield 3 and 4 makes a return in flashback sequences.


The movie was screened across several cinemas across America

However they were soon taken down due to threats by KKK. 3Pac a famous rapper from Oakland California (westside) pledged the movie to be bombarded by the Zero Hoots Air Force as it was bad for his image son straight up son. "Son too may hoots sons straight up gotta press against these gays so straight up" 3pac the famous rapper better than feminem and who also beat Aria Grande's cheeks son before destroying one of the cinemas with his own personal ZHAF F-35.

Reception: Because the Zero Hoots Gang had destroyed the film clip before any screening could happen Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB were forced to give a 10/10 for lots of lesbian loving hype however IGN gave an 8 saying it didn't receive enough LGBT support and there were not enough lens flares or Yuna appearances.

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