Shirakawa Sayuki


Debut A Kiss For The Petals - Snow White's Knight
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Affiliations Shinozaki Rikka (lover)
Voiced by Sachi Yun (咲智ゆん)
Shirakawa Sayuki (白河 沙雪) is one of the primary protagonists in A Kiss For The Petals - Snow White's Knight.

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Rikka’s fellow classmate. Both beautiful and brilliant, she’s a talented scholar and athlete who was selected to serve on the Environmental Preservation Committee. Holding such a resounding reputation since middle school, she’s being hailed as the first “Ultimate Lady” since the days of alumna Houraisen Rena. Her grandfather is descended from samurai who are rumored to have owned a castle, so owing to her name, she’s earned the moniker “Snow White.” In the wake of the… scandal? involving Rikka and Risa, will she become the center of even greater attention…?[1]

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