Shinozaki Rikka
Debut A Kiss For The Petals - Snow White's Knight
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Affiliations Shirakawa Sayuki (lover)

Azumi Risa (childhood friend) Suminoe Takako (lives in same apartment building) Ayase Miya (conflict over Risa)

Voiced by Midorikawa Madoka (緑川円)
Shinozaki Rikka (篠崎六夏) is one of the primary protagonists in A Kiss For The Petals - Snow White's Knight.

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A first-year student at Saint Michael’s Academy for Girls who was admitted from outside the school system. An athletic girl who became a celebrity overnight after setting a new national record in the 100 meter dash shortly after her enrollment. On top of all that, her personality is such that she can’t help but intervene whenever she sees someone in trouble, which has made her extremely popular. Serving as Vice Class Representative, she and Class Representative Sayuki were voted as a Best Couple, and due to her dependable nature she’s come to be known as “Snow White’s Knight.” But it seems she has some sort of relationship with Risa.[1]

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