Sara Kitajima (北嶋 紗良 Kitajima Sara? ) is a fictional character from the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series. She is a first year high school student and a popular teen model who has returned from work overseas to attend St. Michael's to be with her cousin, Kaede. Sara has harbored feelings for Kaede since childhood. She serves as the secondary protagonist of the second and fourth games.


Sara is a pretty girl of average height with long light brown hair and blue eyes. She has bangs covering her forehead with long locks of hair falling over her shoulders. She wears a dark brown hairband and, on each side of her face, cross-shaped hair ornaments of the same color. Her dressing style matches her career as a model; as such she wears stylish, fashionable clothes. She has a modest bust.


In an effort to become suitable for Kaede upon their reunion in Japan, she has developed very outgoing and cheerful traits. That being said, she takes everything she deems important, such as her modeling career, very seriously. This is shown when she only eats a low-fat protein bar and a bottle of water for lunch, much to Kaede and Mai Sawaguchi's dismay. She is also shown to get jealous very easily- as shown when other girls were admiring Kaede with hair down and her glasses off- this follows her trait of being possesive of Kaede, whom she believes to be the one for her.


When she was a child, she and her cousin Kaede were very close in terms of Kaede being extremely protective of her, with Sara beginning to develop feelings for Kaede at that young age as a result. However, Sara had to move away from Japan, leaving her distraught. Sometime during her life overseas, she became a teen model, a popular one at that. Later in her teen years, she moved back to Japan to be with Kaede, her feelings left unchanged.


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  • "Sara" (紗良? ) is written with the kanji for "gauze" (? ) and "good" (? ). "Sara" is also a variation of "Sarah", an Hebrew name meaning "lady, princess, noblewoman".
  • "Kitajima" (北嶋? ) means "northern island".