Manami Suō
蘇枋 愛実
Suō Manami
Revolution! Rinagisa Manami
Debut A Kiss For The Petals - The New Generation!
Affiliations Hazuki Onohara
Voiced by Shiina Amane (椎那 天)

Manami Suō (蘇枋 愛実 Suō Manami? )

A sheltered teenage girl with an air of grace and refinement. Her true personality comes out through her internet idol persona "MANA" (マナ), where she's appears cruel and abusive; and is seen wearing a short black lingerie dress with matching gloves, silk stockings, red glasses, and her hair is propped up into a side ponytail.

She uses the pronoun "boku" (僕) whenever she speaks to Hazuki as MANA, and "atashi" whenever she speaks as "the real Manami".oku

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