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Mai Sawaguchi

Mai Sawaguchi (沢口 麻衣 Sawaguchi Mai)  is a very responsible second year high school student who has tomboy tendencies. She falls in love with Reo after getting to know a different side of her. She is the ideal person to open up problems, as everybody opened up to her. She serves as the main protagonist and narrator of the third and fifth games.


Mai has shoulder length purple hair and red-violet eyes. She has a large breast size, an hourglass figure and a noticeably darker skin color than her lover Reo.


Her maturity is shown through her responsible personality both through interacting with her peers and in her time spent with Reo. When Reo got sick once after they made love in the infirmary, Mai took to taking care of her.

Her tomboyish personality is particuarly apparent when engaging in sexual activities with Reo, as she would often take the lead. As a result, she is the more dominant partner, prefering to give to Reo as well as to both initiate and take control of their encounters together. It can therefore be inferred that Mai is also a very generous but perverted tomboy, as she would rather for Reo to orgasm in their encounters than for herself to do so. Despite being perverted, she is also incredibly caring to Reo, often checking if her affections are not too overwhelming for her lover.

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