Kitajima Sara
Debut My Dear Prince
Date of birth 24 November
Affiliations Kitajima Kaede (cousin, lover)
Voiced by Uri Satsuki (羽里さつき)
Kitajima Sara (北嶋紗良) is the love interest in A Kiss For The Petals - My Dear Prince and the fourth character in the series. She and Kitajima Kaede form the second couple of the series.


A first-year student at St. Michael’s and Kaede’s younger cousin. A student model, well-known from fashion magazines. Her mother is an actress, making her a true thoroughbred.

She has an incredibly bright and sociable disposition. With her appearance and personality, she has a charismatic temperament that causes her to unwittingly charm those around her.

She’s what you might call an open book, and has a kind of natural innocence. Her affection towards Kaede is in full overdrive, both publicly and privately.

The way she clings to and loves on Kaede in front of others with such a serious expression tends to make the other students jealous of their closeness.[1]



  • In Beloved Photograph, the point of view briefly switches to Sara on two occasions. She and Runa are currently the only characters to have internal monologue in the visual novels.
  • In My Dear Prince, Kaede--and indeed, some fans--questioned Sara's skill in sex despite Sara professing having no prior experience. Fuguriya's FAQ states that her prowess as a model affords her an ability known as "Real Shadow". This ability allows her to virtualize physical interactions with another person and simulate the sensations of touch on her own body. This, according to Fuguriya, allowed her to train for the inevitable reunion with the actual Kaede.


  1. Translated from by Ralen.