Kitajima Kaede
Debut My Dear Prince
Date of birth 21 October
Affiliations Kitajima Sara (cousin, lover)

Sawaguchi Mai (childhood friend)[1]
Suminoe Takako (unknown)

Voiced by Gogyou Nazuna (五行なずな)
Kitajima Kaede (北嶋楓) is the protagonist of A Kiss For The Petals - My Dear Prince and the third character introduced in the series. She and Kitajima Sara form the second couple of the series.


A second-year student at St. Michael’s, a talented girl who serves as class representative. Her glasses and braided hair give off a relatively subdued image.

Although meek and subdued by nature, she has a strong sense of duty, and her classmates have complete confidence in her. Her tall stature and large bust make for a very attractive figure.

It’s come to light that she’s actually quite gorgeous without her glasses and braid, and she’s now somewhat of a celebrity. She and her younger cousin Sara are an officially recognized couple on campus, a relationship that has even Kaede actively showing affection.[2]



  • Kaede appears in six visual novels, more than any other character.


  1. From A Kiss For The Petals - The Joy of Loving You: Sara: Are you one of Kaede-chan's fans?! / Kaede: No, this is Sawaguchi Mai. She's a friend of mine from way back. / Mai: Yeah, it was around kindergarten when we met, so I guess we do go pretty far back.
  2. Translated from by Ralen.