Kirishima Shizuku


Debut Dyed With An Angel's Petals
Date of birth 21 June
Affiliations Shitogi Eris (lover)

Sawaguchi Mai (Black Bobbed Hair Society [non-canon])

Voiced by Mi Ei(?) (未瑛)
Kirishima Shizuku (霧島雫) is the protagonist of A Kiss For The Petals - Dyed with an Angel's Petals and the ninth character introduced in the series. She and Shitogi Eris are the fifth couple in the series.


A third-year student and Japanese beauty who’s grown up at St. Michael’s, having attended since kindergarten.

Having a calligrapher for a father, Shizuku herself is highly regarded as “Shizuku-gozen,” the scribe of St. Michael’s. Her character is one of sincerity and excellence; however, she’s exceedingly bad with foreign words.

In a loving relationship with the exchange student Eris, Shizuku is always at the mercy of that outspoken girl, whether others are around or not.

While naturally she could never hate Eris, her troubles never seem to end.[1]



  1. Translated from by Ralen.

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