Kawamura Reo


Debut Joined in Love with You
Date of birth 22 March
Affiliations Sawaguchi Mai (lover)
Voiced by Anzu Hana (杏花)
Kawamura Reo (川村玲緒) is the love interest in A Kiss For The Petals - Joined in Love with You and the sixth character introduced in the series. She and Sawaguchi Mai form the third couple in the series. She is considered the most popular character, to the point of her voice actress, Anzu Hana (杏花), hosting her own biweekly character radio show, Reo-ppoi Radio, which started in January 2011 and is currently ongoing.


A second-year student and classmate of Mai’s. Coming from a long line of affluence on her mother’s side, she’s what you might call a sheltered girl.

Reo herself is socially inept and has a fear of strangers.

Short, with a fairly childlike body, her long, fluffy hair and refined facial features form an adorable combination that makes her incredibly popular. However, unfriendly to everyone except Mai, she’s a hyper-tsundere who’s like a wild beast in some ways.

Both her parents are living overseas, so she lives alone in her apartment. She can’t handle even the simplest of household chores, and if left to her own devices would subsist solely on junk food.

That’s why she’s practically a live-in girlfriend for Mai.[1]



  1. Translated from by Ralen.

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