Yūno Katakura
Katakura Yūno
Debut A Kiss For The Petals - Longing of an Angel
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Affiliations Ishigami Satsuki (classmate, roommate, lover)
Voiced by Meriru Yuka (めりるゆか)
Yūno Katakura (片倉 優乃 Katakura Yūno) is one of the primary protagonists in A Kiss For The Petals - The Angels' Spring Romance.

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An extreeemely pushy and overprotective girl.

In her first year of nursing school. Satsuki’s classmate and dormmate. Has a soft, feminine disposition. Fairly protective, she always speaks formally, with a deference to others.

Her overbearing disposition stems from her “What would you do without me?” attitude toward the frequently troubled Satsuki.[1]

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