Houraisen Runa


Debut Sweet Enchanting Kisses (web novel)

Sweet Enchanting Kisses

Date of birth 19 August
Affiliations Suminoe Takako (teacher, lover)

Houraisen Rena (sister)

Voiced by Ueda Yuki (上田幸姫)

Houraisen Runa (蓬莱銭ルナ) is the love interest of A Kiss For The Petals - Sweet Enchanting Kisses and the web novel it was based on. She and her teacher Suminoe Takako are the fourth couple in the series.


A transfer student to St. Michael’s elementary department and Takako’s lover. Highhanded and domineering with the disposition of a queen, she speaks and carries herself like an adult, and has everyone around her wrapped around her little finger.

She doesn’t hesitate to say, “Sensei belongs to me,” and yet with her self-centered personality, she cares little for what others have to say.

She’s quite possessive when it comes to Takako, but rather than impulsively losing her temper, she seems more likely to quietly threaten. Essentially a bit of a sadist, one way or another, she’ll interpret things to her own advantage and then smile with a sadistic gracefulness.[1]



  1. Translated from by Ralen.

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