Akira Inatori
稲取 晶
Inatori Akira
Debut A Kiss For The Petals - The Angel's Longing
Date of birth -
Height -
Bust size -
Affiliations Narumi Hikawa (classmate, lover)
Voiced by Asao Suzune (あさおすずね)

Akira Inatori (稲取 晶 Inatori Akira? ) is one of the primary protagonists in A Kiss For The Petals - The Angels' Promise.

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A self-important, verbally abusive tsundere girl.

Narumi’s classmate. Although her grades are average, she’s an aspiring nurse who’s extremely keen at human observation.

She always has a sour look on her face, and whenever she speaks with Narumi, she never has anything pleasant to say. But that behavior seems to be limited just to Narumi.[1]

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  1. ↑ Translated from by Ralen.