A Kiss For The Petals - A Cozy Spring Vacation
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その花びらにくちづけを いちゃラブ春休み
Created by Fuguriya
Written by JUN
Art by Peko
Release date(s) 28 December 2012
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Preceded by A Kiss For The Petals - Kaede-chan's Newlywed Cooking
Followed by A Kiss For The Petals - Reo’s Days of Decadent Reward
A Kiss For The Petals – A Cozy Spring Vacation (その花びらにくちづけを いちゃラブ春休み Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Icha Rabu Haru Yasumi)

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Some time has passed since that day from Maidens of Michael… As usual, Risa is at the mercy of the incessantly truant Miya. There are times when the stubborn girls can really get into it, but they always seem to patch things up, making the secret atelier into their love nest♪

And so, their first spring vacation as a couple arrives. They spent their winter vacation embarrassed and apart, but this time… Risa wins a pair of free tickets to a theme park, and invites Miya to come with her! After a fun date at the amusement park, Miya comes to spend the night in Risa’s room… The two of them share an indulgently cozy spring vacation, full of yuri goodness♪

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