A Kiss For The Petals (その花びらにくちづけを Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o) is a series of adult yuri-genre collection, containing Visual Novels, Light Novels, Drama CDs, Artbooks, Artworks and Animated/Audio Shorts. It began as one visual novel between two female protagonists of the first game, and after the success of the first game, Sono Hanabira became a series of visual novels instead of one novel, along with some extra stuff that aren't novels.

They emphasize the love between two girls, and quickly become one of a kind in a world dominated by fetishist and heavy materials. A Kiss For The Petals is also one of the first visual novels to feature true pure yuri romance between two girls.


This series of visual novels doesn't really have a plot; it mainly focuses on the love between one yuri pairing in one novel. The setting is St. Micheal's School For Girls, the school that the main characters study at.

For plots of each individual novels, go to List of Novels.